Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

IMG_0927 (1) copy-01-03.jpeg
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Architecture: Combination of old Hindu and Muslim architecture styles, highlighting typical ‘pol’ i.e. laneway

History: The walk was inaugurated in 1997 during World Heritage Week.

HeritageWalkMap copy copy.jpg

Map showing path of Heritage Walk in City of Ahmedabad


IMG_0926 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Metal Door to one of the shops


IMG_0893 copy-01.jpeg

Laneway surrounded by residences


IMG_0883 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Gateway to house


IMG_0875 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Commercial Laneway with small shops on both sides


IMG_0939 copy-01.jpeg

Busy junction near the temple


IMG_0904 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Looking up from the lane


IMG_0865 copy-01.jpeg

Entry to a lane of ‘Tamboli’ i.e. Brass crafters


IMG_0914 (1) copy-01.jpeg

‘Chowk’ i.e. Public square



A house with external timber staircase


IMG_0868 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Shared laneway (humans + animals + motorbike packing)


IMG_0890 (1) copy-01.jpeg

A House with clothes drying on the front porch


IMG_0864 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Another shared Laneway


IMG_0922 (1) copy-01.jpeg

Timber Door


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